Computer Repair Warranty

60 Day Warranty On Labor/Work Service Provided:

In servicing your computer, Jim’s Computers warrants that service will be performed in a professional and timely manner. Jim’s Computers offers a 60 day limited warranty on all computer repairs and upgrades. At Jim’s Computers’ discretion, if the issue from the original work order reoccurs within 60 days we will perform the service again at no charge.

This warranty does not include:

Any software issues created and/or caused by the “end user” such as viruses or spyware, tampering with the settings or other non-related hardware failures. Limited warranty does not included any additional software, hardware, parts, system upgrades, or additional components needed, added OR installed to the system by the user.

iPad Screen Repair Warranty:

60 Day Limited Warranty on the iPads Glass Digitizer or LCD Screen component replacement for hardware failure under normal working conditions & use. For example, an un-responsive touch screen.

NOT COVERED under the iPad component replacement limited warranty:

Accidental user damage, physical damage, cracked screen, shattered screen, hairline crack, dropped iPad, or liquid damage. Have no doubt,, the quality of the repair, and replacement digitizer for the iPad will last a lifetime itself. By Apples design the touch screen is thin glass coated in thin plastic type resin. iPads base frame really offers no protection, for the slightest impact or pressure will crack the screen again. At no fault of the repair replacement. Good heavy duty protection case is recommended for the iPad.

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement Warranty:

120 Day Limited Warranty covers hardware defects, screen failure under normal conditions & use. “Accidental User Damage” or abuse is not covered. Broken or cracked lcd screens are not covered under the warranty.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair Warranty:

6 Month Limited Warranty covers hardware component defects, failure under normal conditions & use. “Accidental user damage” or abuse to the laptops dc jack is not covered. The laptops dc power jack is a very fragile part not designed for any lateral / angular pressure or accidental abuse. Rest assured, the laptops new replacement dc power jack will last a lifetime under normal use.

Hardware Replacement/Upgrades Warranty:

Manufactures limited warranty that is offered by the manufacturers of the various computer components, and is limited to their specific terms and conditions of sale, and more specific, their return policies. Overclocking is not covered under any hardware warranty.

Not Covered Under Warranty:

Shipping: If your device has failed under warranty, and customer has relocated, shipping is not covered under warranty. Customer is responsible for shipping charges. Accidental iPad damage, cracked iPad screen, shattered – broken iPad touch screen, liquid damage, dropped iPad, is NOT COVERED under the iPad hardware replacement limited warranty.

There are no warranties for computer repair that involve personal software issues, virus, spyware, malware problems. We provide what we believe is that best protection against viruses and spyware at the time of service. There is no 100% protection against these computer threats. Each computer is susceptible to viruses. Due to the nature of computer viruses, spyware, malware, adware etc, the complexity of, and how they change on a daily basis, your surfing habits, web sites you visit, downloads, program installs, emails etc. There is no free or paid Anti Virus, Anti Spyware program that is “100% bullet proof.” The best protection for your computer is updated security programs, updated operating system AND MOST IMPORTANT YOUR safe internet surfing habits. Do not be fooled by pop-up advertisements that look too good to be true, or be cautious about that suspicious emails or messages.

File Sharing programs – Limewire, Bearshare and the like, pose a HIGH RISK of infection. 98% of all files through these types of programs are infected with viruses. Undetectable by most Anti Virus security software. If you get infected within 30 days, we will analyze the situation to see if you qualify for a discounted removal fee.
If our assistance is required after a customer attempted to solve a problem of their own accord, the repair will not be covered under the warranty.
This warranty does not cover any loss of business, profits, or other consequential damage, real or perceived, that may have resulted from any malfunction of the computer system nor does it cover any hardware or software installed by the user.

Damage from flood, lightning strikes, earthquake, any other acts of God, mishandling, dropping, or infestation is not covered by this warranty. Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA reserves the right to determine whether alterations have been made, or damages caused, by such facts that would serve to void the terms of this warranty.
The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from damage caused by failure to provide a suitable installation or operating environment for the product and/or accessories; damage caused by impact with other objects, dropping, falls, spilled liquids or immersion in liquids; servicing not authorized by Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA, usage not in accordance with product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake or lightening, problems with electrical power such as power surges and problems caused by use of parts, components, services or software not supplied by Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA.

Warranty coverage will not apply in the event the serial number, unit number or rating label has been removed, altered or defaced. This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from failure to back up your data or other files, nor does it cover damage caused by programs, data, viruses or other files.
Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA is not responsible for any loss of your data and recommends that the consumer maintains a back-up system at all times to rebuild or reconstruct lost or altered files, data or programs.

Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to services provided by Internet Service Providers. This includes their ability to provide services, their ability to work with our systems, interruption of service, or their ability to sustain such services over extended periods of time. Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA is not affiliated and has no agency relationship with providers of such services and is not responsible for their actions or inactions.

Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to Internet retail products or services provided by other companies, or accessibility via its website.

Although your computer system may include programs, software or access to certain providers, Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA makes no guarantee of access to providers, programs, software or websites.

This limited warranty does not cover any items in the following categories: software; sound cards, joysticks, printers, scanners, speakers, cameras, (Collectively “Accessories”); other external peripherals; Accessories or parts added to a Jim’s Computers of Stockton, CA computer system. These components may have a warranty from their respective manufacturers.

We strive to make each computer very reliable and take great effort in building and fine tuning every system. We take precautions to prevent static damage to any component and are very careful installing/removing vital components. Due to our warranty coverage and reputation, we do not want any other shop or the actual customer to open/install/uninstall any internal component. This is a reasonable request since Jim’s Computers is backing up our computer skills, computer service and workmanship.